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Volunteer spotlight - Melanin Medics

Volunteer Spotlight – Melanin Medics on work related learning

“You can’t be, what you can’t see…”

Volunteering plays an essential part in delivering our work-related learning programs. This can begin as early on as Primary School, facilitating exciting sessions that expose children to the world of work. Also, at Secondary School, with the exchange of transformative career knowledge and employability skills.

Khadija and Zenni, two medical students from Melanin Medics, are among the employee volunteers who have impacted young people’s skills and aspirations. It is always a great privilege to work with individuals who are passionate advocates in increasing opportunities for BAME students, pushing diversity and inspiring the next generation!

In this video, they talk about the benefits of industry professionals participating in work-related from their experience, not only for the children but for those who volunteer as well.

Khadija and Zenni also talk about the importance of diverse representation and what that means to them, plus how and the reasons why they got involved with initiatives like Melanin Medics and Inspire!

We would like to thank Melanin Medics for all their engagement with us, also the numerous NHS staff and students who volunteer on our programmes, we couldn’t do it without you.

We need you to volunteer for our programmes, help us build a diverse coalition of career ambassadors that can inspire a broad and diverse range of children to explore a range of possible career avenues.

Find out more about how you can help here

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