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Support Us – Fundraising Challenges

You or your company can support Inspire! through fundraising, in-kind volunteering or simply donating. Your contributions help us to deliver affordable programmes to schools and support more young people with additional needs. With your help, we can work towards providing equal opportunities for all local young people.

Volunteer fundraise

Employee fundraising

Want to challenge yourself or your team while raising money and awareness of our work? Our business supporters have made an incredible difference through corporate fundraising.

We have places at upcoming challenge events detailed below:

Tough Mudder

Tough muddr sponsorship Inspire

This year, Inspire has 35 brave participants taking part in Tough Mudder. Please help them reach their fundraising target!

There really has never been a more important time for us to support young people to develop their skills and confidence, and to equip those who are already disadvantaged to be able to thrive within the professional landscape.

YOU are contributing directly by supporting your friend, family member or colleague to take on this challenge. We cannot thank you enough for that. Sign up or support here

Hackney Half Marathon

Run for or support Inspire at Hackney Half

This year, Inspire has 30 brave participants taking part in the Hackney Half Marathon on behalf of Inspire.

Please help them reach their fundraising target! We have 10 free places left, Minimum fundraising target £250.

Ultimately, the earlier young people gain exposure and access to professional role models and the world of work, the less likely they are to limit themselves in the future, and the more likely they are to have greater confidence to go out into the world and be whatever they decide they want to be!

YOU are contributing directly by supporting your friend, family member or colleague to take on this challenge. We cannot thank you enough for that. Sign up or support here.


skydive challenge Inspire fundraiser

The Challenge

You will be launching yourself 10,000ft out of a plane on behalf of Inspire (in tandem with a trained professional, of course!). You’ll reach speeds of around 120mph, with 40 seconds of adrenaline-fuelled freefall, followed by the parachute opening and gentle descent down to the glorious English countryside. We arrange the day through an events company called Skyline.

Fundraising & Fees

You are welcome to absolutely make this event your own. That could mean doing the jump in fancy dress, or creating a theme for the day, whatever you want!

For each participant, there is a £70 registration fee to the organising company, which we ask you to cover. We then ask you to fundraise a minimum amount of £500 towards your challenge. This covers the cost of the skydive (which we pay), and some towards our work as a charity! This might sound like a daunting target, but it’s worth noting that if someone’s taking on a challenge for a good cause, then it’s really quite easy to raise the minimum, in my experience. People often tend to exceed their targets, so it shouldn’t put you off! And remember, our team will be there along the way to support you with any fundraising support that you might need. Contact our Business Development Manager at for more details.

To discover more fundraising ideas or partnership opportunities, please contact us.