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Work-Related Learning in Primary Schools

Our primary programmes reach children aged 3 – 11 in London schools. By bringing careers education to primary schools, Inspire! connect classroom learning to the world
of work and raise aspirations early.

Work Week


Primary Mentoring

Work Week

Work Week is a work-related learning programme which involves all pupils in a primary school. It develops awareness, knowledge and skills for the world of work by introducing children to different jobs in the classroom and at workplaces. A diverse range of volunteers take part and introduce their jobs, challenging stereotypes around gender or ethnic background.

Primary schools across Hackney, Camden and Islington take part every year, and the programme has also launched in Redbridge and Lambeth schools.

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iDiscover introduces Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers to primary school children through a week of work-related learning activities.

Research shows that pupils decide early on that STEM subjects are ‘not for them’. By exposing children to STEM education and role models early, we aim to challenge stereotypes and change perceptions. Pupils become engineers, computer programmers, biologists and more throughout the week, taking part in hands-on STEM activities.

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Primary mentoring

Reading Partners and Number Partners involves employee volunteers visiting schools weekly to support literacy and numeracy skills on a one-to-one basis. Employee mentors help pupils practice reading and comprehension, or play games to develop mental maths skills.

Inspire! broker relationships between schools and businesses, forming and maintaining an ongoing Primary Mentoring partnership. We also provide support and training to all employee volunteers.

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