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Inspire Supporters Network

Inspire Supporters Network

Our Supporters’ Network formalises the contributions to INSPIRE and the young people we work with. We offer networking events and volunteering opportunities for the staff of companies that choose to become one of these key charity partners. We will also provide opportunities for our supporters to meet their corporate social responsibility and continuing professional development targets and engage with fun activities or challenges whilst fundraising for us.

Opportunities in London are not equally accessible enough yet. Also, some of the young people we work with face complex challenges. Investing in young people benefits us all, opening doors for the workforce of tomorrow and a larger, more equitable talent pool.

Employers often draw talent from a narrow demographic, leading to a lack of diversity in several ways based on race, gender, class, geography etc.

We thank our founding supporters for their commitment to opening doors to opportunity. We also want to encourage other businesses to join our network and support work-related learning via fundraising or donations, direct engagement and volunteering on our programmes.

Inspire supporters network


When you donate to us, volunteer with us, mentor with us or host a work experience student, it is an opportunity to inspire and motivate young people as to what they may want to do in the future.

Please contact Rez Hussain, our Business Development Manager for more information, email: