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Our Supporters’ Network formalises the contributions that organisations make to Inspire and the young people we work with. We offer supporter networking events and volunteering opportunities for staff which will enable us to continue inspiring, informing and preparing young people for their future. We will also provide opportunities for our supporters to meet their CSR and CPD targets and engage with fun activities or challenges whilst fundraising for us.

The work we have done over the last 15 years has only been possible with the help of our supporters. Inspire isn’t just our team of 32, working to achieve the best for the young people we care about; it is a network of thousands of people helping thousands more. We are lucky enough to have:

  • 2000 volunteers from a range of industries
  • Local businesses opening their doors for visits from young people
  • Pro bono supporters such as Pilotlight and North Highland
  • Local people signing up to run half marathons and 5k dressed as Santa to raise money for us
  • Local pubs and restaurants donating a proportion of meals sold to support our work

The young people we work with have so much more to offer and there are so many more who we can support. Opportunities in London are by no means equal and there are many other challenges to overcome. Investing in the young people we work with benefits everyone, we are helping to build the workforce of tomorrow and a fairer, more inclusive society.

Inspire supporters network


As a society, we haven’t been utilising the full talent pool available to us, employers often draw talent from a narrow demographic which has led to a lack of diversity and therefore experiences and ideas. We want to celebrate all young people and create opportunities to access all the skills available from a more diverse workforce.


We would like to thank our founding supporters for their commitment to helping young people believe and achieve. We also want to encourage other businesses to join our network, support work-related learning via fundraising or donations, direct engagement and volunteering on our programmes and other in-kind support they can provide.

When you donate to us, volunteer with us, mentor with us or host a work experience student, you are opening doors so young people can access more work environments, gain knowledge of the different career paths they contain, creating an opportunity for them to be inspired as to what the may want to do in the future.

Please contact Olivia Fuller, Business Development Officer


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