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Offer a work experience placement

Offering a work experience placement can benefit both young people and businesses.

We arrange thousands of work experience placements each year for schools and colleges in the London boroughs of Hackney, Camden and Islington. Placements can take place over one or two weeks, or once or twice a week over an extended period.

Currently, throughout the pandemic, we are running our week long Virtual Work Experience Programme in place of in-person placements.

Please email for more information.

What do young people gain from work experience?

How do businesses benefit from offering work experience?

Is my business or organisation suitable?

Year 12 students from Clapton Girls Academy working with their employer at NAB

What do young people gain from work experience?

Work experience gives young people practical knowledge and experience of workplaces. For many young people, it can provide access to opportunities that are otherwise out of reach. A work experience placement gives young people:

  • Understanding of the world of work
  • Understanding of an occupation or industry
  • Career direction
  • Improved employability and soft skills
  • Networking opportunities with employers
  • An opportunity to put classroom learning into practice
  • Increased motivation at school/college

WithPR hosting a student on her work experience placement

How do businesses benefit from offering work experience?

Organisations across all sectors can help shape the workforce of tomorrow while receiving a students’ help. You could benefit from:

  • Demonstrating corporate social responsibility
  • The chance to develop employees’ management and supervision skills
  • A raised profile and improved reputation in your local community
  • New perspectives and fresh ideas from young people
  • Access to potential future trainees or employees. Previous work experience students have since entered part-time employment or apprenticeships with their employer hosts.

A student learns to cook during his work experience placement at D&D Restaurants

Is my business or organisation suitable?

All you need to offer a work experience placement is Employers’ Liability insurance and a safe and supportive environment. Your workplace should also be accessible for students travelling from North London boroughs.

Inspire! will support you to offer an effective placement every step of the way. Employers will be matched with suitable students and receive:

  • Guidance on identifying appropriate tasks and creating a basic job description
  • A risk assessment of your workplace
  • On-hand support throughout the placement 

Until further notice there are no in-person placements taking place:

Host a Key Stage 4 student (14 - 15 year old)


Host a Key Stage 5 student (post-16)


If you’d like to find out more about offering work experience via our Virtual Work Experience Programme, please contact us.

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