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Sam Labs and iDean iDiscover session video

Year 5 students iDiscover with Sam Labs and iDean/ Charity Film Awards 2019

Man presenting to children about jobs in tech, the screen reads Connecting the dots between physical and digital

Vocational learning session about STEM jobs: Sam Labs Rep leading









Inspire! Education Business Partnership is a London based charity that delivers work-related learning in partnership with businesses to schools and colleges. Our iDiscover programme promotes STEM careers to Primary School children via in-class lesson plans, physical resources and interaction with STEM professionals, in school and on workplace visits.

We aim to raise the aspirations of young people, promote workplace diversity, improve accessibility and social mobility.

Research has shown that children can rule out career options early on in life, (Education and Employers, 2018). Influenced by what they see around them and in the media, the belief that there are ‘jobs for boys’ and ‘jobs for girls’, or that certain careers are reserved for those from a different social stratum, can create barriers that are difficult to break down later in life.

Sam Labs and iDean, came together with Inspire! to deliver this fun and engaging session, during which the children were able to develop their computational thinking, as well as their coding and engineering skills.

The day away from the classroom importantly exposed the children to a work environment, building conversations with working professionals at iDean. Once again, we would like to say a huge thank you to Sam Labs and iDean for partnering with us for this iDiscover session and to their volunteers who took part on the day. To support and build more young people’s skills and aspirations, please click the ‘Donate’ button at the top of this page, or explore how else to get involved via ‘Get Involved’ in the top menu.

Inspire! EBP – Helping young people to believe and achieve.

Please also vote for our video in the Charity Film Awards and help us to raise awareness of the need for work-related learning and it’s benefits.

Thank you Sam Labs and iDean