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Inspired Directions students show that Film’s Cool

Young people on our Inspired Directions (ID) programme have helped to produce and star in a moving documentary about Inspire!’s work and how it has helped them to turn their lives around.

‘Change One Thing’ was created over a 10-week period in association with Film’s Cool, a mentoring initiative that brings film industry experts into schools, and The Peabody Trust. All of the students involved have undertaken their full time learning with Inspire!’s Engagement team. During the planning and production process, the group learned film-making skills, including interviews for documentaries and were able to reflect their own journeys through the medium of film.

The 30-minute documentary includes interviews where the young people speak frankly about some of the challenges they faced at mainstream school and their past behaviour. They discuss their views about Inspire! staff and their hopes for the future. “I used to fight but that’s all in the past now,” says one. He wants to study art at college and perhaps go on to become an architect.

“They help you. They never let you down,” said another, who also admits to being excluded from his previous school because of fighting. “I feel really positive, really proud and feel really good about myself,” he added.

A third member of the team, who has recently secured a college place to study construction, said: “I feel I’m really getting somewhere.”

The film makers also interviewed Inspire! staff in other departments about the work they do.

The documentary had a well-received screening at Camden’s Cob studios in February. Script writer, Jesse O’Mahoney, one of the mentors on the project said: “I have a very high regard for the young people’s honesty that came through the work, humour and most importantly, their understanding of what documentary is and their place within the community.”

You can view ‘Change One Thing’ here.