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COVID-19: How to support our continued work during the lockdown

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Inspire is a community charity working with young people in London to help them find their talents and thrive. We support 16,000 young people each year in the city-fringe boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Camden. We deliver a combination of in-school and workplace activities to help young people aged 3-24 see and understand the world of work.

This is an unsettling and disruptive time for our business partners, supporters and schools, but in particular, for the young people, we work with. We need your support to continue our crucial work at this time when many young people are entering a critical stage of their educational progression. We would usually be preparing them for key transitions in their education and identifying their strengths and aspirations to set them up for future success. 

Young people have many questions and feel uncertain about so much right now. Some of the more vulnerable amongst them may find themselves in very difficult circumstances, with their routine broken and lacking access to their usual support networks. 

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Infograph on donation amounts

The COVID-19 crisis has and will continue to impact our work. We are working hard to find ways to continue to support some of the most vulnerable young people in the locality – including students who are still attending our Inspired Directions School throughout this time. Alternative provision schools have been directed by the government to remain open during this time, so we are working with each student to provide as much as we can to support their particular circumstances.

We are asking for any financial support you can offer to help us continue our work and respond to the changing needs of our young people.

Our office team is working remotely and coordinating to adapt to these circumstances. We will provide regular updates on what we are offering for young people and educators within our network and the wider community.

Together, we can provide some sense of normality and positive, forward-thinking for young people, helping them to maintain belief in and achieve their hopes and dreams. As a society, we collectively benefit from young peoples’ future success, so let us all collectively support them at this time and ensure a positive future.

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We welcome any ideas or contributions people can make to our efforts, this could be learning materials and content, or your time once we have developed opportunities to engage online, but to start with it is critical that we receive donations.

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Please share this article across your network and encourage others to support our work and to get involved. Supporting young people’s aspirations may be one of the less obvious and visible causes, especially with so many services in need right now.

But Inspire is working hard to ensure that we don’t forget our young people at this crucial time in their development. Supporting young people’s wellbeing and hopes for the future is what our organisation stands for, we thank you for any support you can offer.

Please stay safe and healthy. Kindest regards from the team at Inspire