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Stepping Up: A student’s perspective

“A successful programme? Far more than I imagined it would be!

This spectacular project was set out to educate young children about being healthy and keeping fit which we also tied to Sport Relief. The school that we went to was Millfields Primary and we were working with the year 3’s. There were 8 of us partaking in the project so we decided to split ourselves up into two’s and three’s for each class as there were three year 3 classes. We all had a timetable of how the day was going to be scheduled within our groups and aimed to follow it. By having a timetable it meant that we wouldn’t have to worry about not knowing what we were going to do next or what to say.

For the first session, we decided to play an ice-breaker game to get to know the children a bit better regardless of them wearing name tags. We asked them to go around in a circle, say their name and act out their favourite sport. After that, we began to introduce the topic and spoke about the ‘good and bad’ food to eat and the types of food the children like to eat. We discussed the reasons why we exercise and why it’s important. We then taught the children the chorus of the song (dance). Surprisingly they learnt it pretty fast and as a reward of them doing it so well we rewarded them with a game of fruit salad.

During break time, we prepared the next activity. Making sure that none of the children were allergic to the fruits we provided, we distributed them equally in bowls for them to try them out, and spoke about the different fruits that they enjoy eating and made them aware of the importance of fruits. After that, we taught the children the whole song making sure we were perfect for the final dance with the rest of the year 3’s. At 12:30 the year 3’s all went down to the playground to perform the dance that we had taught them. They were brilliant and I could tell they all enjoyed themselves.

I enjoyed working with the children, getting to know them and the whole project itself. I think that team work and communication was very vital in this project and I feel like we all put effort into it. We all worked well into making this project worthwhile and I am grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of something so great. A successful programme? Far more than I imagined it would be!”