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Southwold Taster Session at BSix

Year 6 pupils from Southwold Primary School, due to start at secondary school in September, are already looking to the future. A group of 22 enjoyed a ‘taster’ session at BSix Sixth Form College, arranged by Inspire!

The children were welcomed by Assistant Principal, Rebekah Westgate, who took them through a light-hearted ‘ice breaker’ to test their powers of observation. A tour of the college followed.

Pupils then had the chance to try out two different activities in the media, health and beauty, art or music departments.

Hair and beauty proved the most popular with even a handful of boys signing up to learn how to file and paint fingernails or create a stylish ‘fish tail’ plait on a model. “We thought it might be fun and something different,” said Kalib Roberts-Christie as school chum Wayne Almond painted his nails a shade of grey.

It was all boys in the art room, where they were involved in producing a booklet of mythical monsters. “We each had to draw a bit of a monster on a piece of paper, folded over so the other people couldn’t see. Then, they had to add the next bit until it was finished and then we coloured it in,” said Abdullah Mulla.

The visit provided a good opportunity for the students to try something new and perhaps discover a hidden talent. A surprising number already had firm ideas about what they want to do in the future. “I want to be a lawyer…..or a fashion designer,” said Bose Omoyeni.