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City Conferencing Business (CCB) project at the City Academy, Hackney. with Year 9 students

Secondary Summer – the Term in Review pt. 2

City Conferencing Business (CCB) project at the City Academy, Hackney. with Year 9 studentsThis article is part of a series on the work of our Secondary Work-related Learning team; for the first article, please click here; for the third, please click here; for the fourth, please click here; for the final article please click here.

Continuing our round-up of the Secondary Work-related Learning team’s jam-packed Summer Term, we come to another programme spanning the whole of the school year: our City Conferencing Business (CCB) project at the City Academy, Hackney. This project, which Inspire! have run which Inspire! have run a number of times over the past 5 years, brings together a group of Year 9 students to run their own events company, making use of the space and resources of the City Academy to run a professional, not-for-profit event management service.

Supported by KPMG and the City of London Corporation, the programme helps young people to learn about different roles within organisations and exposes them to a range of companies and workplace environments. The Inspire! team were lucky enough to have a team meeting organised for them by the CCB team (see right) – featuring a truly magnificent cake!

The students, as well as learning more about the world of work, also reported big improvements in their ability to work as part of a team. ‘I have developed the idea of teamwork. This has helped me as I am more aware of how to work around situations instead of arguing for my points to be heard,’ said one.

They also had opportunities to think about their future ambitions: ‘By meeting a range of different people I could understand and decide whether or not the job was for me’. All the students’ feedback was extremely positive, and we hope they take their new skills and confidence forward with them as they begin their GCSE studies.