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Opening Doors: Inspire and 15billionebp merge

Opening Doors: Inspire and 15Billionebp merge and rebrand!

Opening Doors: Inspire and 15billionebp merge

Opening Doors to Opportunity

Inspire and 15billionebp: Two charities opening doors to all career paths for young people in London. We bring together business and education to improve social mobility and create a larger, more diverse talent pool! Our work is for children and young people in support of their aspirations, fostering strong partnerships to ensure brighter futures for all.

The young people in the boroughs we work with face many diverse challenges. Together with education and business, we will provide access and knowledge that helps young people realise their full potential. Working together benefitted our reach and impact so much that we have decided to merge officially.

“I am very excited that our Partnership is really taking off. Having developed by sharing the development cost of really exciting online work-related learning activities the collaboration between the two charities has now extended to sharing critical support functions. I am confident that our unique collaboration model will preserve the unique local expertise of our respective work while achieving greater efficiency, both of which will be to the direct benefit of the communities we serve.”

Ian Porter – 15 BillionEBP Chief Executive

With this merger we increase our activities and services to include Management Information, using intelligent data analysis to fulfil local needs and satisfy national reporting requirements. Our full Information Management services will meet your CCIS, Youth Service, Youth Justice and Work Experience requirements.

Both charity’s work is very well-established and valued in Hackney, Newham and other East and North London boroughs mostly. We believe all young people have great potential. They however often lack the access and exposure to progress and thrive in too many industries. Our joint programmes aim to give young people the tools to find and pursue fulfilling lives and careers. In turn, we urge businesses to tap into and access a much larger talent pool that is more reflective of the communities they reside in.


William Murray Ham and Identica logo

A huge thank you…

To better symbolise and communicate this joint mission, we have worked with the ad agency William Murrays Hamm & Identica to create a new brand identity. They have also joined our Supporter’s Network and did the work pro bono. WMH&I took the essence of our ethos, mission and vision to forge this new joint ‘INSPIRE’ identity. When opportunity knocks, we open the door, a concept that represents this merger and what we aim to achieve together.

Join us in our efforts to open even more doors and inspire more young people across London, whatever their background. More opportunities to engage with our programmes, fun events to fundraise for them and chances to discover how amazing these young people are and all they have to offer.