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Inspire! Education Business Partnership is a charity that delivers work-related learning in partnership with business to schools in Hackney, Camden, Islington and beyond.

We say we are helping young people to believe and achieve because that is what we are doing when we engage and work with any young person. That is what you are doing when you engage or volunteer with us and donate money to support our work.

One of the main avenues of that work is our onsite alternative provision for high-needs learners struggling to access mainstream education, called Inspired Directions School. Established by our charity Inspire! in 2008, we have achieved independent school status in 2014. The school provides full-time or part-time alternative education for young people aged 13 – 16 in Hackney.

A lot of the dominant narratives in the media and wider society can write off some young people, making little effort to understand and accommodate the difficulties and complexities they may face in their lives. This leaves little room to acknowledge their individual characters, skills and interests.

Opportunities to succeed should be available to everyone but are often out of reach for those who have been excluded from mainstream education. People who have experienced childhood trauma, bullying, a difficult family situation, or those with special educational needs can find themselves struggling to engage with the standard education experience.

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We value individuality, collectivism and progression. Our approach is based around the personality, interests and needs of each young person. We have therefore designed a broad, flexible curriculum to meet a range of learning needs. Each learner has a personalised timetable, with opportunities to take part in a range of offsite projects.

Providing a more personalised education can be costly, but the benefits of supporting young people to find their talents and ultimately move on to paid employment at 18 are far-reaching. We therefore intensively support 15 of Hackney’s most vulnerable young people, through Years 10 and 11 (ages 14-16).

Bike project students with teacher

IDS is an ideal learning space for students who would like to work towards a practical job, college course or apprenticeship. Making the most of our experience of preparing young people for the world of work, we deliver an employability programme alongside academic and vocational learning, including:

  • Careers sessions and individual career plans
  • Work experience and ‘get ready for work experience’
  • Mentoring from industry volunteers
  • Work visits and job shadowing
  • Skills development, with progress measured against the national Skills Builder
  • Framework for students with Special Educational Needs

Our curriculum includes a combination of academic and vocational subjects depending on students’ strengths and interests. We cater for the holistic development of students with mentoring and therapeutic sessions, supplementing their core English and Maths subjects with vital work-related learning and vocational qualifications. We provide tailored support with individual learning plans to raise aspirations and improve confidence within an environment which is conducive to learning.

The school provides a small, supportive community for young people, helping them to gain confidence and achieve along their chosen pathways.

Learn more about Inspired Directions School here.


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