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Inspire!’s director, Jonny Boux says

Inspire! says ‘Thank you!’ for Volunteers’ Week

Inspire!’s director, Jonny Boux says "Thank you volunteers"Volunteers’ Week, ending today, is the annual celebration of the contribution volunteers make across the UK. On behalf of the whole Inspire! team, Inspire!’s director, Jonny Boux, took the opportunity to thank our volunteers and to recognise how crucial they are to everything that we do.

Without a wide network of volunteers, we would be unable to deliver our work. Whether you have supported sessions in schools to bring the world of work closer to young people, provided valuable work placement experiences, worked with young people as they navigate crucial transitions in life or supported our programmes in any number of other ways, your time, dedication and expertise have made all the difference, opening doors and enriching young lives.

So an enormous thank you to all our volunteers for your contribution: for the experience you bring, the change you make, and the energy, commitment and opportunities you create for the young people we support.

This week, we’ve shared experiences, photos and memories from both volunteers and staff at Inspire!. It has been a real pleasure to spend time reflecting on how much value volunteers bring to our work year on year.

Many thanks once more for all you do and for being such an essential part of Inspire!’s work.

Jonny Boux, Director