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How have Inspire adapted? New virtual programmes

How have Inspire adapted? Our new virtual programmes!

How have Inspire adapted? New virtual programmes

COVID-19 has changed and limited what we do and how, as people try to keep themselves and others safe and healthy. It is no different for us here at Inspire, but with determination, imagination and creativity, we have forged new opportunities to reach even more young people. We are passionate about work-related learning as well as the prospects and well-being of young people. It is important at this time to prepare them as best we can for the future, alleviate anxiety or uncertainty and encourage them.

That is why we have developed virtual programmes to continue the great work we have been doing along with our partners, supporters and educators, to help young people believe and achieve. This has not only created the space and opportunity to support schools in the usual inner-city boroughs we usually work with but potentially schools, children and young people further afield.

So please, spread the word about these opportunities, we want to inspire and encourage as many children and young people as we can, get in touch with the relevant contacts mentioned below to book your school or college to our fully supported week-long programmes.

Virtual Work Week image

‘Virtual Work Week’ feedback from a London Fields Primary School pupil

Virtual Work Week

During the lock-down, our Virtual Work Week programme developed primary school pupils’ understanding of the world of work and connected them to professional volunteers.

We know that learning about work matters and research shows us that children form ideas of what they ‘can and can’t be’ from as young as the age of seven. We also know that meaningful encounters with professionals can have a significant impact on their future aspirations. Virtual Work Week enabled pupils to learn from volunteering professionals through a timetable of interactive, educational activities.

We have now made our Virtual Work Week programme even better for the new academic year. We have some amazing virtual learning tools coming your way, so watch this space! For more information, contact the Inspire team on


Virtual Work Experience Image

‘Virtual Work Experience’ feedback from a pupil at EGA School for Girls


Virtual Work Experience

Inspire’s one-week Virtual Work Experience programme gives students a tangible experience of the working world and the opportunity to develop key employability skills for their future.

Students engage with videos of professional volunteers, choose a work-based project to complete for an employer and learn how to write a CV to promote their work experience, all with feedback from the professionals involved.

Our Virtual Work Experience programme is a great opportunity for students to learn about concepts such as workplace diversity, why it is important, but also how modern, forward-looking firms and businesses are considering this and taking action on it. We want young people to see themselves in these workplaces and industries, we want to broaden and encourage their aspirations.

For schools and colleges, Virtual Work Experience ensures that your online employer engagement meets Gatsby Benchmarks 5&6. These benchmarks provide a framework for quality careers guidance including:

  • Learning outcomes are defined, based on the age and needs of students.
  • Encounters involving two-way interaction between students and employers/employees.
  • Outcomes and evidence that demonstrate the student actively participated.
  • Students will meet a range of people from the workplace.
  • Students will perform a task or produce a piece of work relevant to that workplace and receive feedback on it from the employer.

We delivered Virtual Work Experience to 8 different school groups this term and 90% of students said they better understand the skills and personal qualities employers think are important.

For information and to book your school or college onto the programme, please contact>>>


Into the Workplace graphic

Into the Workplace

Into the Workplace is a new Inspire project that gives pupils of all ages an opportunity to explore different places of work. Created by the innovative tech company Holoscribe, pupils ‘step inside’ a workplace via a virtual 360° experience that they access using a laptop or smart device. Thank you so much to Holoscribe for their support and working with us to innovate, bring our content to life and inspire as many young people as we can.

The types of buildings or spaces that people work in are as diverse as the makeup of society itself. For many people with jobs, the workplace is where they generate business, develop new ideas and serve their industries and communities. Once inside a workplace, pupils navigate themselves around the space to find hotspots, which contain videos of professionals working within the industry. The experience includes a tour at an office, a restaurant, a hospital, a theatre, a science lab and construction site.

Go into the workplace here.

Into the workspace interview

Steph – Professional Actor explains her career. Featured in ‘Into the workplace’ video

We are offering access to this resource for free, it is part of our week-long Virtual Programmes. Please share our Into The Workspace website and experience so we can continue to help young people to believe and achieve. Remember to get in touch if you want to engage with our full week-long visual programmes, for any other inquiries on volunteering or supporting Inspire.