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Getting into business at BSix College

16-18 year old students at BSix College attending ESOL Volunteering Fair to help consider next steps after educationStudents at BSix College have been taking part in a range of work-related activities this term, with bespoke programmes designed for each different department.

For 16-18 year olds at the Clapton-based college, considering the next steps after education could be a daunting decision. Inspire! were there to lend a hand, along with a variety of generous volunteers from the working world.

Original programmes included the ESOL Volunteering Fair: an event directed at students with English as a second language. The fair introduced them to a range of opportunities to help their communities, bolster their CVs and practice their English.

Diversity in Business introduced volunteers from diverse backgrounds who led activities aimed at building confidence, communication and networking skills. This, alongside Careers Carousels, enabled students to learn about a range of jobs and industries, whilst understanding that their gender or ethnic background should not act as a barrier to any career.

Specialist science and maths career talks and workshops which focused on humanities subjects emphasised the link between college and the outside world. Students were given the chance to discover the interesting and sometimes surprising career paths followed by volunteers who studied the same subjects as them at school or university.

The chance to hear about a world of options first-hand helped students to understand the skills and motivation needed to succeed in future, with one commenting “I liked the professionals sharing stories about their careers and learning anything is possible to do. You just need a bit of love, patience and hard work to get to the dream job you want.”

Meeting young people also opened up new knowledge and opportunities for the professionals: “I was taken out of my comfort zone and realised I do have something to offer”, said a first-time Inspire! volunteer.

To find out more about the work-related programmes we run at schools and colleges, tailored to students’ needs, or to inspire young people by volunteering, please get in touch with our secondary team.