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Host a Workplace Visit

workplace visit

What does hosting a workplace visit involve?

Hosting a workplace visit involves giving students from either Primary or Secondary schools the opportunity to visit your workplace and see first-hand how it functions. These visits can include tours, practical activities, tasters, presentations and a chance for the pupils to question employees.

"It was fun and also I learned a lot. Save a space for me I'm coming to work here in the future."

Student after workplace visit

What does your organisation gain?

By hosting a workplace visit, your business or organisation can gain significantly. Your employees develop and enhance their skills and experience by working with the young people who visit them. You can also actively demonstrate your organisation's or business' dedication to working with your local community.

"The students were a really lovely bunch, very interested and engaged."

Workplace visit host

How can your organisation get involved?

It’s easy to host a workplace visit, Inspire! will arrange everything for you, including addressing health and safety issues. We ensure that every need is met to allow the workplace visit to be a success.

If you are interested, please contact us.

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